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Because I haven’t posted anything of my own for a little while and because this has been sitting ignored for far too long, here’s a little unfinished art from my sketchbook! There is (at least I think there is) an interesting story behind these characters:

The alien woman on the right is one of my oldest characters who is still, well, present today. (AKA I’ve forgotten all the others because they weren’t important enough to me. I think I made her up in 8th or 9th grade.) Anyway! Shray was originally a plain ol’ alien, and then I realized that no alien race would exist in nature as such an obvious mismatched conglomerate of human and reptile DNA. (I’m very logical like that; others might call it being picky.) So in the end, I decided that she was actually the descendant of a genetic experiment done by ANOTHER race of aliens who were trying to create a superior servant race. (Pretty sure by the time of Shray’s existence, this race is now free, but that’s up in the air.)

Then one day, years later, I drew a random anthropomorphic reptile dude who I really liked, and I remembered Shray and thought they looked kind of similar gene-wise, and then I got a crazy idea: what if they were BOTH results of that genetic experimentation? The aliens simply found TWO viable combinations of the same human and reptile DNA, with very different but useful results. (I have always had a love of combining my random stand-alone characters into the same story.)

So then I decided to draw this picture another couple years later. I thought it would be fun to draw Shray and the more reptilian guy together, plus my art had improved over the years and I thought I could finally do her justice. (Which I think I did! That’s probably one of the nicest human heads I have ever drawn.) And then I thought, hey, I’ll draw the alien reptile species that these two races’ non-human DNA came from!

Aaaand then the “reptile” ended up looking more intelligent than reptilian, and his pose was odd, and he was cute and I loved him. So I just went ahead and made a THIRD genetic variation on the experiment. XD And now, here we are!

So here’s their story as I see it: the Raykshta, another alien race, were on a quest to make a superior servant/military race to serve them and fight their battles, so instead of going through all the trouble of trying to enslave an EXISTING race, they decided to make their own. Many combinations were tried, and some were successful, but none so successful as the chance combination of the Earthling race and a certain species of reptile from their own planet. After much experimentation, they were able to come up with not one, but three viable combinations. I don’t know the history of this race beyond that they did, in fact, serve the Raykshta for quite a long time, but I think they are a free race now. Possibly because the Raykshta died off.

Now, the bigger, more reptilian guys are basically the tanks. They are super strong and serve as supersoldiers. They have very strong animal senses, such as sight and hearing, although not the best sense of smell. Their hides are tough and scaled, and they have the strongest ties to their animal side’s instincts, making them in general more reactionary but also great at sensing danger and making snap decisions. They still retain many of the original reptile’s unique features, especially the crest of stiff, hair-like ‘spines’ that runs from scalp to tail-tip. In general they are a successful combination of the greatest potential strength of both human DNA and the reptile DNA.

The more human-looking race (Shray’s kind) are smaller, but they are much faster and more agile. They are pretty good at climbing, VERY good at long-distance and speed running, and generally even-tempered, although they still have enhanced senses from their reptile side. These were often used as scouts, messengers, secondary fighters (for they are still quite formidable in a fight), and even assassins. I have struggled a little with their final design: originally Shray had normal, slightly darker human skin tone, except where the reptile scales pop up on her elbows and knees and lead down to her obviously reptilian limbs; but now I’m considering making this strain entirely green-scaled/skinned. Btw, she’s holding an electrified katar. Go look up what a katar is so you can fully appreciate how devastating that would be.

The third, smallest race is the strangest physically: they have human fingers and semi-human toes and even ears, and their skin is actual skin, not scales, although it often retains a green tint and remnants of the segmented belly pattern. Their hair is a weird mesh of human hair and the stiffer, more stick-up-y ‘hairs’ of the reptile DNA, which is why it looks so messy. (Shray’s kind also have a mix of this, but it mainly just gives them white patches in their hair, like Shray’s bangs.) Their odd proportions make them unbalanced; the large ring on Yulotti’s tail there is actually to give him some weight in the rear so that he can walk normally. The reason this strange variation was kept is because they are highly intelligent; despite their failed physiology, they contain some of the highest levels of human potential intelligence. They were often used as strategists, number-runners, and, well, intelligence in the military form of the word. They are also the most peaceful and mild-mannered of the three strains, and while they can’t wear much because of their odd body shape, they as a society consider clothing to be highly important as a sign of civilization.

I’d like to use these guys in something someday, but it’s very low-priority. For now I’m just really pleased with how they came out. The only reasons this drawing is not finished is because 1) I couldn’t decide what kind of weapon to give Renwyr or how to draw it, and 2) I can’t decide what Shray’s outfit should look like. If anyone wants to suggest anything, I would be delighted to hear your thoughts! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed my little worldbuilding spiel here. ^^

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